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How to make flossing a habit

Flossing? we hate it… How many times have you already heard that lecture from your dentist, that you are not flossing good or often enough? But calm down, your doctor has good reasons to give you that speech and let’s listen to Dr. Emily Craft explain why. Risk #1 — Gingivitis Gingivitis explained easy means […]

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Periodontal desease risks

Sulcus, calculus and gingivitis Periodontitis begins in the gingival sulcus placed between gums and teeth. Healthy gums are pink and sulcus are usually no more than 3 millimeters in depth. Gingiva is supplied by blood through blood vessels well and never bleeds. But sometimes small grains of food can accumulate in sulcus. Mixing with mouth bacteria […]


Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Tips For Beautiful Smile Without Gingivitis!

From the following piece of writing you will get information about gingivitis and watch next direct allocution of Dr. Alfredo Morales – Mexican stomatologist: After an amount of long and deep researches and experiments psychologists officially state that a person who smiles is a lot more beautiful and attractive than the one who do not […]