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The Question of the Day: What Is Cavity?

What is Cavity? In Latin caries means ‘foulness’. This is a serious tooth problem that is produced by bacteria. Our organisms are full of plenty of bacteria. Their settlement usually begins at once, after our birth because of our mom and dad, as well as because of bad environment. However, not all bacteria are detrimental. For […]


TOP 10 Remedies to Cure Cavities Naturally

There are numerous people suffering from toothaches and tooth cavity problems. A small spot on your tooth is the first and foremost sign indicating a tooth cavity. Tooth cavities must be cured or rather prevented to enjoy a pain free and healthy life. Here are simple but essential natural home means which are able to […]

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Dental Caries: What Do You Need to Know

93 % of People Have Caries      Caries or in other words dental cavity is considered to be one of the most common dental problems. It means that some infection is caused by combination of carbohydrate rich food and bacteria that leave in our mouth. When they meet carbohydrates, they use them to generate […]