How to Prevent Early Childhood Caries?



Early childhood caries

Parents can easily prevent the appearance of early childhood caries. Every year thousands of children suffer from it. This disease has rather unfavorable effect on the physical and mental health.

Primary teeth are rather necessary teeth like permanent as well. So parents have to safe these teeth still the moment of their free abasement.


Prevention of early childhood caries

To prevent the appearance of early childhood caries parents have to follow these easy recommendations:

  1. Use baby bottles rightly. All parents like baby bottles. In addition, their children like baby bottles as well. Nevertheless, we don`t use them properly. Baby bottles can seriously harm your baby`s teeth.
  2. Visit baby`s dentist not rarely then twice a year after your baby teeth will erupt.
  3. Look after your baby`s teeth. If you catch sight of some white spots or brown colored teeth see your dentist.
Save your baby`s teeth!
Save your baby`s teeth!

Your baby primary teeth usually start to come in since two or three month age. Early childhood caries can starts as soon as first primary tooth appears.

When baby drinks from a bottle sugar in its inside mixt with plaque on baby teeth and make up an acid. This acid can all time dissolve teeth and create other problems with gums and tongue.

Baby bottles
Baby bottles

Front teeth are the most effected from this acid. Because the tongue is able to protect other baby`s teeth. However, this problem can progress to all teeth.

Let`s speak about what kinds of problems do early childhood caries cause?

Baby troubles: teeth loosing

These troubles can happen with children if they lose the primary teeth too early.

How to prevent early childhood caries?
How to prevent early childhood caries?

Despite the fact that the children still losing their primary teeth they should to do it in necessary time and in healthy order. What will happens if baby teeth are lost too early?

Correct time and correct place

The baby primary teeth are the previous stage before permanent teeth will coming. If baby lose primary teeth too early, permanent teeth can come in not in due time or not in the correct place.

Speech disorder

However, the worst problems is that loosing of primary teeth can cause different speech problems. Such kind of children often have difficulties in pronunciation of sounds correctly.

Social problems

Unfortunately, children, which have loosed their teeth, have less opportunity for communication with other children. Also and more is an external defect. When you child smiles all can see that, there are no teeth in their right places.

Tooth "crying"
Tooth «crying»


Therefore, parents should look for stains and white spots very attentively. Because these white spots can be the beginning of early childhood caries.

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