Dental Caries. Symptoms of the Disease

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This article is going to tell you about extremely interesting and necessary to talk about problem. This problem is named dental caries. Symptoms of this disease are not enough expressed. Today caries is the most widespread disease through the world.


Why Our Tooth Are Destroyed?

Tooth caries is the medical term that can express the process of formation of decay and cavities in the tooth. Specific type of bacteria cause this illness. These bacteria are able to produce acid. With the help of acid bacteria can destroy the tooth structure.

What Is Composed Our Tooth?

Our tooth are composed of four basic parts.

  1. First part is named an enamel. This structure of tooth you can see from outside. It is the most solid tissue in our body. In addition it contains huge amount of minerals.
  2. Second one is a dentium. Dentium is basic and supporting structure of tooth. In addition, it is the second hardest tissue of our body, after enamel of course.
  3. The third one structure dentists called as cementum. This substance is covering root of the each tooth.
  4. The last one which is teeth contains is a pulp. This structure consist of soft pulp tissue and sensitive nerve fibers.
Parts of the tooth
Parts of the tooth

Causative Agent

Bacteria can produce acid. In the time of producing, this acid destroys the structure of both enamel and dentin. Even more, usually there are many different types of other bacteria live in our mouth. In normal, they by themselves cannot cause destructing process in the teeth. However, they build up on the teeth surface a sticky sheet called plaque.

This plaque consist of salivia, bates of food, nature substance and bacteria. Most easy plaque forms in such places like: between the teeth; over the gum line; around the root of the tooth.

Plaque on our teeth
Plaque on our teeth

Plaque and bacteria are able to turn sugar of the food we eat to acid. This acid damage and dissolve strong minerals of enamel. That`s why enamel erodes. Such way pits are develop. At first, these pits are very small, but they can start to get larger and larger.

This is how decay begins in the dentine and so cavity forms in your tooth. As the dentin break down those bacteria can get in the pulp and make it infected. When this event is happen the patient feel terrible pain.

Symptoms of Dental Caries

Early type of caries may not manifest itself by any symptoms. However, before the small damages will be on your tooth, you are able to be sensitive to sweet, salty, hot and cold products.

Dental caries. Symptoms
Dental caries. Symptoms

The earliest sign of the new caries destruction in the chalky white spot that localized on the surface of your tooth. This event is indicated that there is in enamel the area of demineralization. In this way, the process can continues and renew to turn brown color of the teeth. So tooth becomes soft in the touch.

The next stage is the formation of cavities. The process is reversible before the cavity forms.

Carry about your health. Have the habit of brushing your teeth.

Dental care
Dental care

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