Why Are Dentists So Hated?

The following article is not going to be a science one or give you really inevitable tips for your oral health. Here we are going to talk about such an interesting phenomenon as dental anxiety. The next video will enrich us with very fascinating and atypical statistics:

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety or dental phobia is a very widespread thing. 75% of world’s population confess that they are subjected to it. This problem is very serious and even has science name – odontophobia. Dental anxiety is a strong fear of being orally examined and treated or just a fear of dentists.

Familiar feeling, isn’t it?
Rather familiar feeling, isn’t it?

This problem is a usual thing among both children and adults. Children are usually afraid of pain and a drilling machine sound. This could be understood. But what is the matter with the adults? The thing is far more easier – they just experience their childish fear. As we know, all our fears from childhood are the strongest and the hardest to overcome as they lye deeply in our subconscious.

So when the time comes to visit a dentist different horrible pictures from the childhood arise in front of our eyes. We begin to behave like children – become capricious and decide to stay at home and play for time. But, unfortunately, this time may even cost us life, because dental problems always affect the health of our whole body.

Why people hate dentists?

Usually, when having dental anxiety, people try to transfer this abstract feeling on something real. And who do you think it is? Right, dentists.

This is how most people usually imagine dentists to look like.
This is how most people usually imagine dentists to look like.

They are simply nice guys, who make your smile gorgeous and help you look fabulous! But people are only people. So here are top-8 reasons why people hate dentists:

  • bad memories from childhood

When a child we are simply afraid of unfamiliar people and places. We do not want to stay with a strange man or woman so in any case we feel discomfort. Later this unpleasant feeling takes roots in our subconscious.

  • bad service

Long queues, delays or ill-mannered stuff are the right things to piss somebody off.

  • lectures

Are you 10 years old to hear all these boring lectures on dental health?

  • the cost

You suffer all these pain and what? You need to take out your wallet pay for this unbelievable money!

  • the sounds and smells

Oh, yes. These may be the worst ones about dental treatment and no matter how old are you.

  • the invasiveness

Do you enjoy somebody to thrust his hands into your mouth and fumble it? I am sure the answer is no.

  • the pain

This one is rather obvious. Every normal person is afraid of pain.

  • the needle

What can be more scaring than that long and thin needle, that is supposed to be stuck in your mouth?