TOP 10 Remedies to Cure Cavities Naturally

There are numerous people suffering from toothaches and tooth cavity problems. A small spot on your tooth is the first and foremost sign indicating a tooth cavity. Tooth cavities must be cured or rather prevented to enjoy a pain free and healthy life.

Here are simple but essential natural home means which are able to combat tooth cavities and cure them:

  1. herbal tea
  2. pepper and salt
  3. garlic
  4. bayberry
  5. guava leaves
  6. asafetida
  7. wheatgrass juice
  8. ice cubes
  9. ckoves
  10. salt water.

Herbal Tea.

Regular herbal tea drinking reduces the plaques formation that responds for tooth cavities. Drink tea mixed with different effective herbs like lemon juice, black currant, raspberry, etc. to derive desirable results.

Herbal tea is very useful not only in case of tooth cavity.


Pepper and Salt.

Add same quantity of pepper and salt into water and prepare a smooth paste. Apply this pepper paste on your ill tooth. Keep for 10 minutes. Repeat this method every day to get nice results. The treatment is highly effective for sensitive tooth.


Garlic renders relief from toothache and its antibiotic properties reduce the effects caused by bacteria. This helps in curing cavities. Crush a garlic clove and add some table salt to it. Put your mixture on the affected cavity to lessen the pain. Repeat the natural treatment of garlic to escape of toothache and cure the affected cavities.


Make a paste of bayberry and combine it with vinegar. Put the bayberry paste on the tooth with cavity and it will lessen the pain. Use this bayberry paste regularly to effective cure cavities naturally.

Bayberry fruit is an economically important crop in China, sold fresh, dried, canned, for juice, and for alcoholic beverages.


Guava Leaves.

Fresh guava leaves lessen toothache and cavity problems. You can chew some guava leaves or drink its juice after boiling in water. Add some salt in the clean boiled juice to make the treatment effective.


Asafetida helps to treat bleeding gums and cavity problems effectively, and renders immediate relief. Add some asafetida powder in lemon juice and warm it slightly. Swab a cotton pad and put the solution on your cavity to treat your dental problems.

A digestion aid, an antiflatulent, an  influenza aid, a remedy for asthma and bronchitis, an antimicrobial, a contraceptive… These and other properties all belong to tiny flowers of asafetida.


Wheatgrass Juice.

Wheatgrass juice also cures tooth cavity problems and alleviates the pain. Apply the juice extracted from wheatgrass and cover your affected gums and tooth with the solution. It hinders the spreading of bacteria and hence cures the problems. Regular drinking of wheatgrass juice can bring optimum results to cure tooth cavity problems.

It looks not very attractive, however, it helps a lot!


Ice Cubes.

Put a small ice cube in a plastic package. Wrap it in a cotton cloth and hold in next to your cheek that comes in direct contact with your cavity. It reduces the pain and fights against this serious problem.


Cloves are one of the best home means in case of toothaches and cavity problems. It has anesthetic properties along with anti-inflammatory characteristics that mitigates tooth pain and cures infection. Take two cloves and grind them to mix in olive oil. Use it on your cavity.

Cloves are used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and western herbalism and dentistry where the essential oil is used as an anodyne (painkiller) for dental emergencies.


Salt Water.

Put a half spoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth with it. The solution reduces swelling and fights the bacteria responsible for infection.

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