Fighting Dental Anxiety!

In the following article we will talk about such a ticklish question as a fear of dentists. In particular, how to defeat your fear and finally visit a dentist. The next video is going to give us some great working tips, which can help you to forget all your fears and anxiety:

What is odontophobia?

Such a common phenomenon as a fear of dentists has scientific names such as odontophobia or dentophobia. Sometimes it is also called dental anxiety, dentist phobia or dental phobia. It is officially defined as a fear of getting dental care or dentists in general.

This problem may appear by both children and adults. Sex also does not matter. The point is that 75% of people in the world confess that to some degree they experience dentophobia.

Сhildren most tend to have dental phobia.
Сhildren most tend to have dental phobia.

60% of children behave badly during their dental examination and treatment. But the greatest problem for parents and doctors is that 10% of all children have severe dental fear and it is a real undertaking even to take them to the dentist, and I am not even talking about persuading them to get some serious dental help.

When parents do not pay proper attention to their child’s dental fear then this overgrows in serious psychological problems of adulthood. Then being adults these children do not regularly visit dental care centres and their teeth became a one huge problem.

How to defeat dental phobia?

It is a common knowledge that teeth and gums affect the health of your whole body. So it is an essential thing to visit your dentist. The following tips will help you to lessen your stress level and in some way get rid of a dental fear:

  • bring you music player with headphones

Listening to music or an audio book may help you to refocus and to overlay the horrible noise of the drilling machine.

  • meditate before visiting your dentist

This is just a perfect way for complete relaxation!

  • imagine yourself to be not in a dentist chair, but a really comfortable place (on the beach, or in the forest)

For people with developed and rich imagination this may become a real salvation! You may also bring your favorite picture or photo and during the procedures try to concentrate on it.

  • talk about your fear

Do not be shy and discuss your problem with your dentist! They are used to deal with patients with dental anxiety. So they probably know how to help you overcome this problem.

  • bring your friend

The person, who accompanies you, may also give some help for you by providing great moral support.

  • use a stress-ball

This method is working for everybody and more than easy to perform.

  • make an early appointment

This will leave you less time to dwell on your fear.

Always remember that most procedures are not painful at all!