Everything You Wanted to Know About Dental Caries

It is obvious that teeth play important role in our lives.  But, besides functional purposes which are chewing and mastication, our teeth affect the way we look like. That is they have some kind of aesthetical function too. A perfect smile makes a person look charming and charismatic. All of us envy flawless smiles of Hollywood film stars. So it is fair to say that everyone wants to have capturing and unique smile. But something always stands in our way. The most frequent and common teeth problem is dental caries. It is also the most widespread disease after cold in the whole world!

What is dental caries?

It is a scientific term for tooth decay or cavities. Caries is translated from Latin as “rot”. And really it is represented by rotten areas in the teeth that soon turn into holes. One of the biggest drawbacks of the caries is that it can affect any age category – from babies to elderly people, but the most accessible are children and teenagers (especially at the age from 5 to 17).

Now this video will help us to learn some new information about our proplem:


Tooth anatomy

  • crown – upper part of a tooth that can be seen;
  • gumline – place where teeth and gums meet;
  • root – the part of a tooth which is situated under the gumline; it stabilizes the tooth;
  • cementum — connective tissue that sticks a root of a teeth to the gums and jawbone;
  • enamel – outer layer of a tooth which protects its inner parts; it is also the most hardest part of a human body;
  • dentin — a layer of living cells, which is underneath the enamel;
  • pulp – center of a tooth, which contains nerves and blood vessels;

Unfortunately, any part of a tooth can be damaged by decay, even pulp, which brings horrible pain and serious consequences.

This disease is provoked by bacterial infections. But this is not all, of course.

Reasons for dental caries:

  • not brushing teeth after having meals or a drink
  • frequent snacking or sipping on sugary drinks
  • genetic factors
  • lack of calcium, proteins, vitamins, mineral salt or fluorine
  • heartburn
  • cancer treatments

Stages of caries development:

  • a small spot on the tooth enamel
  • the appearance of a cavity in the tooth
  • the decay reaches the soft tissue of the tooth
  • the decay continues to seep deep into the tooth


Clear representation of the caries stages.
Clear representation of the caries stages.


  • brush your teeth twice a day
  • use floss
  • do not eat a lot of sweet and starch products
  • shorten the number of bites between the meals
  • consume a lot of calcium
  • drink a lot of water
  • use toothpaste with fluorine
  • regularly visit your stomatologist (at least twice a year)


Here are depicted the most useful and harmful products for your teeth.
Here are depicted the most useful and harmful products for your teeth.

Use the given tips and your smile will be irresistible and your stomatologist – proud!