Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Tips For Beautiful Smile Without Gingivitis!

From the following piece of writing you will get information about gingivitis and watch next direct allocution of Dr. Alfredo Morales – Mexican stomatologist:

After an amount of long and deep researches and experiments psychologists officially state that a person who smiles is a lot more beautiful and attractive than the one who do not do it. But does any kind of smile captures the attention? Of course the answer is NO. Only healthy and level teeth can be the reason to call your smile really charming and sheen.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can ruin your charisma. Bad breath, yellow teeth or crooked teeth can spoil your reputation in the society or even disarrange your relationship with people. Having teeth problems also cause psychological disorders because people become afraid to open their mouth and become very shy and closed.

One of such anomalies is gingivitis. It is one of the most common and frequent periodontal illnesses. Generally speaking gingivitis is a gum inflammation.

What causes gingivitis?

  • disorders in the functions of endocrine, cardiovascular and circulatory systems
  • dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • allergic or infectious diseases
  • smoking
  • regular stress
  • genetic factors

What are the first signs of gum disease?

  • gums’ bleeding
  • soft plaque or tartar
  • gums’ swelling and redness
  • cyanosis of gums
  • pain during teeth-brushing

Of course, if you suffer from any of these things you should not lose your time and health — just immediately visit your doctor!

How does gingivitis work?

  • When the plaque is not removed bacteria multiply and produce toxins.
  • These toxins are responsible for causing infections in the gums and underlying bone.
  • If untreated the underlying gum attachment begins to break down, resulting in so-called periodontal pocket.
  • As the pocket becomes deeper the treatment is even more difficult – brushing and flossing do not reach plaque located in these deep pockets.
  • The remaining bacteria continue to release toxins that further damage the bone and the supporting structures of the teeth.
  • The teeth become loose and there may be a change in the way the teeth fit together while biting.

As you can see gingivitis is a serious problem which arises from poor oral hygiene i.e. peoples’ laziness or lack of time for basic personal hygiene.

How to prevent gingivitis?

  • teeth brushing
  • flossing
  • usage of mouth washes
  • usage of toothpaste with triclosan
  • maintain an adequate calcium level in your organism
Here are illustrated the most effective home remedies for gingivitis.
Here are illustrated the most effective home remedies for gingivitis.

Now you see that it is not hard to keep your mouth cavity healthy. Just work out some habits and your smile will shine brighter than the sun!