What is the cause of dental cavities

Have you ever thought about what causes tooth decay but couldn`t find satisfactory answers to all your questions? Or are you just looking for the ways to improve the health of your teeth? Anyway, the information presented by Dr. Adrian Fenderson will be helpful for you.

Dr. Fenderson, dentist Napa Valley CA, is used to dealing with clients who keep asking the same question: why some people have teeth problems more often than others. And, of course, he has an answer.

Turns out, there are a lot factors that influence the health of our teeth. And while some of them we can control, others do not depend on what we do. Being aware of these factors and working on what can be improved will definitely help us reduce the possibility of getting dental cavities.

The Tooth Decay process

First of all, it is important to know what exactly dental cavities are. The tooth decay process starts when different types of bacteria that live in our mouth use the sugar from the food that we consume (such as lemonade, soda, cookies, chocolate) to produce acid. It leads to demineralisation, the dissolving of minerals inside the enamel, that can result in cavities.
So, if you want to avoid having smile problems, you will have to reduce the amount of sugar that you consume on a daily basis, as this addictive white powder is named to be the biggest enemy of the healthy teeth. Dr. Adrian Fenderson says that by eating and drinking sugar-based products, especially as a separate snack, you are feeding the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Dental Decay process

But why some cake lovers have completely healthy teeth, while people who care about their diet are sometimes not that lucky?

Additional factors that can cause dental cavities

  • The type of bacteria in your mouth

The possibility of you getting tooth decay depends on the peculiarities of your organism. Some people have the oral bacteria that form decay easier, while others don`t have problems with that.

  • Hygiene

Obviously, the amount of bacteria in the mouth is strongly connected with how well we clean it. Choosing the right toothpaste and always brushing teeth thoroughly twice a day is all that you need to do.

  • Genetics

The strength of enamel, the hardness and general condition of your teeth depends, to a great degree, on genetics. Unfortunately, it is something that you can`t really change. However, there are many ways to improve considerably what you actually have.

Take all the facts that were mentioned into consideration and you`ll have a healthy smile!